What Other Are Saying

“I strongly recommend that all, appraisers, lenders, mortgage brokers, processors, and underwriters, take Richard Hagar’s classes.”
Pamela Crowley

“We were so impressed with his classes we had him come to our area and do some of them. No nonsense, full of information, and no one will be sleeping in his class! Take as many of them as you can.”
Billie Hiser

“Richard’s class is excellent and is geared toward the lending industry and Realtors as well as appraisers. You can’t go wrong with the Hagar Institute, IMO.”
Joyce Potts

“Take any RH class you can find! Richard is a veteran in our industry, and has also been active in the real estate side of the business. So he’s well versed in all aspects. He’s the kind of instructor who sees things farther out than most…due to his connections…and then develops classes/seminars that educate us on those trends, laws, etc. He has been the education coordinator for the Seattle AI Chapter in the past, and developed several ‘home grown’ classes for them. The classes are always well documented, with good examples, and presented in an energetic style.”
Dave Town

“I just completed your “How to Support and Prove your Adjustment” course. I’m a 40 year veteran appraiser and this course has given me a lot to think about since most of this was not part of appraising when I started. 
Thanks for your help!”
David V

“Richard, Thank you for the class I enjoyed it and learned something. I will look for other classes that you provide.”

“Hi Richard, Great class- actually fun! Please put me on the e-mail list for the 7 hr adjustment class next time you’re in town. Thanks”

“Hello Richard, I took a class in Sacramento with you, it was very good.”

“Mr Hagar – I enjoyed your classes in the Tri-Cities immensely and have put some of the techniques in process right away – Thanks in advance and do look forward to taking some more classes!”

“Hi Richard, I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve appreciated your classes and help with all my questions.  You’ve got a groupie for life!

I studied electrical engineering, then stopped working to have children.  As they got older and in school, I wanted to do something to help out a bit and chose this.

Now, while the work takes longer, I feel so much better having solid methods behind me, and understanding the reasoning for most of this.

I am truly improving my reports a section at a time, and you and your classes have made a huge difference.  I will continue to improve, remove boilerplate, and support everything I write down.”

“Hello Mr. Hagar, Cristina and I were very impressed with all you said in your class on Thursday. I was so concerned about what I learned that I couldn’t breathe on the way back from Dublin (minor panic attack). As a result we began to implement changes to our work right away. Thanks for the help!”

“Good Morning Mr. Hagar, Thank you so much for the message. It was very nice attending your class on Thursday. It was a great appraisal class. I look forward to attending your other classes in the nearest future.
Thanks again and have a great weekend! Best regards,”

“I want to tell you that this is the best course I have ever taken. I wish it had been offered 30 years ago. I would like to follow [Richard] around for a week or two to just to learn all the methods. My New Year’s resolution is to become proficient with some of them.”