About The Hagar Institute

We look forward to training those individuals and groups that have chosen to take the next step in enhancing their Real Estate education.

The Hagar Institute was established to provide high quality Real Estate education and fraud profiling for government agencies, regulators, auditors, law enforcement, prosecutors and real estate professionals.

Now more than ever, it is absolutely critical that you know and comply with all the new rules, regulations, and laws.

We understand that clients have limited time and want options when it comes to the way they learn. Accordingly, we deliver training online (on-demand classes) so that you can take the classes you want and when you have time. Students only need a standard web browser and internet connection. We also provide live sessions (webinars and classes) on a scheduled basis. Finally, you can select a live class and request a specific date and location.

The faculty and staff are experienced professionals and have rich backgrounds in all facets of the real estate industry. The founder and primary instructor is Richard Hagar. He is a Real Estate agent, Certified Appraiser, Investor, and a Certified Instructor. Most importantly he is a life long student of the Real Estate Industry. This wealth of knowledge and experience has enabled him to train a variety of students and professionals. As an instructor, he has trained Mortgage Task Force members, FDIC and state auditors, AARMR auditors and investigators, Federal Law enforcement personnel and countless real estate and appraisal professionals.

The Hagar Institute also provides consulting on Real Estate and regulatory management matters. We are frequently called upon for expert opinion and serve as a key resource for the State and Federal Courts. The experience gained from these legal encounters can provide unmatched insight for the day to day Real Estate Professional.

We believe the leading cause of Real Estate fraud and conflict is a lack of knowledge and understanding of how to truly apply the rules, regulations, and laws of this industry. Our goal is to change that condition through effective education. Armed with the advanced knowledge from the Hagar Institute – Real Estate, Appraisal, Legal and Government professionals can become more effective in their respective roles.

Our instructors have a true passion for the Real Estate business and are masters in conveying that knowledge. We are constantly updating our content to meet the needs of the Real Estate community through our vast network of professionals.

A true professional seeks the education they need – so that they can apply that knowledge to real-life situations.

Richard Hagar
Founder, The Hagar Institute